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Wake Up Rosie is a free iOS smartphone alarm clock app, medications aimed at helping young people 12-18 yrs (young women in particular) start their day with more balanced and positive mindset. Each time the alarm clock sounds, ampoule it will be accompanied by a different inspirational image created by independent designers. Users can save or share these images, spreading the good vibes throughout their own social networks.

This app aims to help users start their day in the best possible frame of mind, encouraging mindfulness and self compassion, ultimately promoting better mental health : )

You could make a once-off image donation, send through a whole bunch at once (omg amazing!) or you could make this a regular little fun exercise for yourself. It’s totally up to you. 

By donating an image, your work will form part of a daily happy habit for users around the globe.

Image requirements: jpeg 640 x 640