Wake Up Rosie is a good morning essential.


Wake Up Rosie is a free iOS alarm clock app, viagra approved available now! This app has been created by to help everyone to make happiness part of their daily routine. Wake Up Rosie harnesses art + music to combat mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

How it works: 
Each time the alarm sounds, information pills  Wake Up Rosie will send you an inspirational image, medical just made for sharing. You can set the alarm for every morning or during the day for a happy little pick-me-up.

All images + alarm tones have been generously donated by independent artists – a big thank you to everyone who helped to make this app possible!


Step by step guide to the Wake Up Rosie app:

1. Download and install the Wake Up Rosie iOS app onto your iPhone.
(For step by step instructions on installing apps, see this handy guide)

2. Set your alarm.
You could set it for every day, some days, or you use the ‘surprise me’ setting, for happy message at a random time during the day!

3. Select your alarm tone.
Aside from the usual alarm sounds, we’ll also be including a selection of musical alarm tones from Australian musicians! Lucky you.

4. Wakey, wakey.
Every time your alarm sounds, you will receive an inspirational image or quote. Happy days.

5. Share the love!
These images are made for sharing. Spread the good vibes by sharing your favourite images on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.